Stainless Steel Tables seismic

Stainless Steel Tables seismic

In case of earthquake, the Italian civil protection and all line international guidelines indicate that the various behaviors of "REPAIRED UNDER A TABLE"

Definitely an ideal behavior to protect us, especially at home, to drop ornaments, cabinets or worse parts of the ceiling.

But we have never seen our kitchen table or in the lounge or in our office, and above all we ever asked ourselves whether we are sufficiently safe under the table?

During the fairs of the sector and in retail stores kitchens we realized that the aesthetic makes mistress, partly because rightly a table in the living room or in the kitchen must be beautiful and coordinated with the rest of the furnishings and this manufacturers are well aware of.

We on the other hand dealing with robust stainless steel products we wanted to propose a series of robust stainless steel tables in various sizes for all those who want to enter in a utility such as the dining table a useful product for an eventuality (hopefully never ) emergency as in the case of an earthquake.

We know that engineers are developing tables with exceptional flow rates of 800 - 1000 kg, we just provide a table with a load capacity of 100 kg m2 all steel with square legs for greater capacity, stainless steel top with bilamninato inserted.

An aesthetic product easy to clean, virtually everlasting, given the scope can be used in many ways and especially a meeting point in case of need.

Recall that our tables are proposed as a replacement for little range of tables or structurally weak or central support, therefore not suitable to have a minimum protection in case of falling objects.

With these products we do not want food to earthquake psychosis, but only to give the opportunity to those who wish to have a product for everyday use with an extra safety